All across Industry City, remarkable creatives, makers, and businesses are hard at work bringing their vision to life.

In Shop Talk, we highlight some of these determined and brilliant people, their world and their connection to the larger IC community. In this installment, we spoke with Jane D’Haene of Jane D’Haene Ceramics to hear about how she uses her space, what’s been inspiring her of late, and her current projects.


Jane D’Haene 


Jane D’Haene Ceramics



In a few sentences, tell us about your workspace at Industry City. 

I treat my studio as my space to work, focus, create, hide and meditate. It is my home away from home and family. It gives me a sense of purpose and motivates me to create as one can feel the buzz of creative minds all around Industry City.

What’s one project you’re currently working on?

Preparing to present a few collections at the Architectural Design show towards the end of March.

What’s one particularly valuable skill for the work you do? 


Tell us about one other Industry City tenant or Brooklyn-based business/creative/maker/entrepreneur we should know.

Fourth Wheel / Dave Kim for obvious reasons (next door neighbor and ceramic artist).

Tell us about something that’s been inspiring you lately. 

Art by Nicolas Party and Jean Arp.

Favorite spot at Industry City that’s not your office/personal space? 

Ejen restaurant

What do you want your business/world to look like five years from now? 

Five years from now, I’d like to have several collections of homegoods on my own e-shop and in a brick and mortar store.

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