IC is known for our elevator art, old school freight elevators doubling as selfie-inspiring spots of colorful personality + places to share moments with friends and family. Interested in making your mark on this iconic IC effort?  We are giving you the opportunity to design one of our famed elevators, which would be painted upon our return to IC, at a date TBD in the future. 


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  • Theme: Post Quarantine Feels
  • Design medium: Paint. No props or physical objects allowed.
  • Download the elevator template here
  • All submitted work must be your own
  • Submission deadline: 11:59pm May 31, 2020
  • Designs can be done digitally or by hand, as long as it shows the idea clearly
  • No profanity or indecent content
  • Artist can state their Instagram handle on the artwork in the bottom corner (as long as the Instagram content is deemed appropriate for the IC community – No profanity or indecent content).
  • One design will be chosen on June 10, 2020
  • Execution is be TBD depending on government guidelines, the on PAUSE by the state, and other factors
  • Elevator art will stay up for at least one month from installation
  • All are welcome to submit!
  • IC will retain the right to photographs taken by IC of the artwork for future use in print and digital materials.

How to submit:

  • Fill out the form here with your info + project details. You must fill out the boxes as instructed or your submission will not be accepted. You should use these answers for the below boxes: 
    • Project Name: IC Freight Elevator Contest
    • Budget: Please put N/A since IC will be supplying the materials required
    • Type of Space Request: Freight Elevator
    • File: Please upload the complete elevator art template


  • IC Swag Basket (Hat, Notebook, Pen, Tote Bag, Collision Project Postcard Set, Sticker, Keychain)
  • A framed 12” x 12” photograph print of the final freight elevator design


Contact us at hello@industrycity.com

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