We’re listening and committed to systemic change. Here are the actions we are taking:

  • We will work to increase the number of businesses owned by women and minorities at Industry City, with a particular focus on black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).
  • Dismantling structural racism will be added as one of the philanthropic focus areas of The Jamestown Charitable Foundations. (Jamestown LP is a partner in Industry City.) The Foundation will provide a four-to-one match for employee donations to groups working to dismantle structural racism.
  • We are working with our HR department to implement additional strategies to recruit and retain more minority employees.
  • We will only work with contractors and service providers who share our commitment to engaging minority-owned and female-owned businesses.
  • All employees will receive additional training to understand how implicit biases impact their personal and professional lives. We will break down these barriers.
  • We remain committed to creating communities that better reflect the cultural richness of our neighborhoods. We will use our voice and social media platforms to highlight our tenant base and the ongoing work we do to develop and incubate new businesses.
  • Industry City recognizes the significance of June 19 as an important date in our country’s history. We are closing our offices in honor of Juneteenth and will use it as a day of reflection and celebration. Going forward we will honor this anniversary of liberation through education and renewed focus on equity and inclusion.

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