Quarantine, like many, challenged our Collision Project artist, Amrita Marino, in a way she had not anticipated. The Indian-born, Brooklyn-based artist’s signature look often features bold colors to express feelings of joy and celebration for all that life has to offer. For this piece, she visualized three phases of her emotional experience. On the left, optimism and belief that this too shall pass. In the middle, pushing with anger against these burdensome restrictions. In the end, an appreciation for the signs of the changing seasons outside the window of her ground floor apartment. The colored geometric planes represent the transitions from one room to another and were influenced by female textile artists of the Bauhaus. This piece, while visually engaging, creates a space to understand and process the past many months of our collective lives. 


Amrita Marino is an Indian-born, American designer and illustrator based in New York. Before working as an illustrator, she designed and art directed magazines such as Martha Stewart Living and Dwell while frequently collaborating with illustrators and photographers on editorial projects. Prior to graphic design, Marino worked for a decade as an Information Technology Analyst and Programmer and has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University (Calcutta). She moved to New York City to study graphic design at the School of Visual Art, and has been Brooklyn based since. She lives in Bushwick with her husband, Greg, a still life photographer. 

Instagram: amritamarino

Website: https://amritamarino.com 

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