The Garage, a studio that produces commercials for brands like Heinz Ketchup and Jack Daniel’s, moves in to join a plethora of media and production-related companies at IC. Essentially, The Garage blends video production, photography, and engineering to create super-cool videos and commercials––when you see artfully falling burgers from the sky, or a slow-motion cheese pull, think of The Garage.

Photograph courtesy: The Garage

Founder Steve Giralt, a visual engineering specialist, combines years of experimenting with film techniques, some handy robots, and a team of boundary-pushing creatives to craft commercials that give you instant cravings. The finished product is only just the beginning of what makes The Garage awesomely cool. Their BTS makes you feel like a ‘big kid’, watching specially designed robots flip burgers and flawlessly squeeze sauce bottles to create scenes where food becomes art.

Robot BTS courtesy: The Garage

The Garage makes their move into a 14,682-square-foot space expanding their business to include a learning component. The launch of The Garage Learning will be the first school that will teach the art and science of visual engineering. Steve wants to pass on the knowledge he’s accumulated over years of shooting in his own garage to the next generation of creators. The Garage Learning will offer courses and kits for everyone and every level—from students to professional filmmakers to at home tinkerers. The Kickstarter backers will get first access to online-courses, weekend workshops, and learning tool kits. See here for more information and to sign up.

DIY BTS courtesy: The Garage 


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New Space at Industry City courtesy: The Garage

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