As the weather warms and New York emerges, you can find a collection of markets making their way to courtyard 1/2 and Five-Two-A to celebrate makers, creatives, and collectors. It’s a summer of markets offering a space to support, meet new people in a safe environment and plan a full day of shopping, eats, and good times at Industry City. 

Artists & Fleas

Artists & Fleas is a marketplace of tastemakers, experience creators, designers, collectors, and curators. Discover home and fashion products, and meet like-minded New Yorkers. 

DATES: Every weekend starting June 19

LOCATION: Courtyard 1/2

American Field

Discover the nation’s best brands, sample local craft beers and cocktails, and meet your community of local innovators and craftsmen and women: shop home goods, gifts, fashion, and everything in between. 


LOCATION: Courtyard 1/2

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