Whether it’s a blind date, app date, or an old-fashioned organic meet, we have the first date (and dates to come) covered.

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The Foodie

The Outdoorsy

  • Live Jazz on Sundays
  • Live Bosa Nova on Fridays
  • Show off your dancing skills by dancing to live salsa music.
  • Live Music in the Band Shell
  • Plan your future wedding at Five-Two-A
  • Those who Physical therapy together, are aligned together
  • Take a personalized pilates class for two
  • See who has the better swing at Fit 2 Box
  • Dance off with a late-night DJ every Friday + Saturday
  • Test your music history with a 90s and early 2000s throwback on a Wednesday
  • Show your competitive spirit and play a game of petanque
  • Afternoon mini-golf session
  • Shop supplies for your next outdoor adventure in the wild
  • Who’s the better yogi? Test it out at Sunset Yoga every Wednesday
  • Crash to see your future family life at Rock + Roll Playhouse
  • Take a bike ride around the neighborhood
  • Wait outside Brooklyn Nets’s training center for a celeb sighting
  • Test Drive a Porsche
  • Watch the sunset from our courtyard
  • Test-drive a Volvo
  • Explore the industrial spaces on the ground floor
  • Physical therapy on Mondays after work
  • Ends your Thursdays with a little sweat together at Crossfit 718
  • Visit the infamous red boiler building
  • Explore markets on campus
  • Adopt your next pet at Petco

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