For the latest addition to The Collision Project‘s art freight elevator series, Matthew Hall has created Temple. This piece challenges the 20th-century painting tradition of flattening the picture plane by using plasticity of color to create a sense of depth. Hall manipulates the visual environment by using geometric structure to create this sense of depth and dimension in a way that interacts with the observer.

  • Describe the work that you do.

I embellish surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, anything) using different techniques with paint and other mediums– creating finishes to look like wood, marble, or unique designs and patterns. I like to put a new spin on the ancient techniques of decorative painting.

  • Describe this mural/artwork.

This work allows me to take viewer interaction a step further by actually allowing the viewer to become physically immersed in the painting. Adding physical depth to my work helps the world fall away and transport the viewer to a new space.

  • What inspires you as an artist? 

I am inspired by work that allows me to transcend this plane of existence. By allowing me to forget my everyday hopes and fears, if only for a moment, I can reach a higher plane.

  • What’s the favorite part of your job?

The best part of being an artist is giving others a respite from their everyday hopes and fears. People are exhausted by the constant bombardment of news and obligations. I want to help them rest for a while.

  • How did you start as an artist? 

I got my start as an artist by constantly drawing all over my desk in first grade. My teacher was not happy with that, but creating art has stuck with me ever since.

  • Piece of advice for artists out there? 

The best piece of advice I can give to any artist is to find a reason larger than yourself for creating your work. Fame, fortune, and even self-expression are ultimately incidental. If you aim to serve humanity you will discover the motivation to create anything.

The Collision Project utilizes the campus of Industry City as a diverse and flexible testing ground for artists and visionaries to collaborate and to promote exploration of the grounds. The initiative nurtures art as an experience and facilitates and activates new areas of co-creation. Submit your ideas here for a mural at IC or explore the 25+ art installations on campus here.

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