Fort Hamilton Brooklyn Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup gets its flavor from a stint in a recycled liquor barrel in Industry City.

Fort Hamilton Distillery, a five-year-old enterprise in Industry City, Brooklyn, named for the 19th-century military installation guarding the east side of the Narrows in New York Harbor (Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island faces it to the west), specializes in rye whiskies, and also makes bourbon.

To this portfolio, it has just added a bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup. The organic syrup, from the Catskills, is given 100 days in the charred white oak barrels used to age its whiskies. The deep amber syrup is thick and scented of earth and smoke, elements that carry into its rich flavor. Alex Clark — who founded the distillery with his wife, Amy Grindeland — is making it as a way to further the life of the bourbon barrels, since according to federal standards, the whiskey must be aged in new barrels. Mr. Clark uses the syrup in an old-fashioned. I like it over cornbread and buckwheat pancakes.

*This is an article from New York Times published on January 10, 2022; See the original article here.

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