There may still be a chill in the air, but those willing to brave the elements are in for a beautiful surprise in Industry City, Brooklyn.

The South Brooklyn creative hub is now home to “The Pool,” an interactive light display from NYC-based artist Jen Lewin. The exhibit comprises over 100 light pads that change colors when they’re touched. Lewin developed the technology behind the artwork herself, allowing for an ever-changing parade of lights that invites visitors to step and dance on the pads.

“The Pool” is inspired by Australian tidal pools, and has been traveling the world since its creation in 2008. It’s been displayed in cities like Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Taipei, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Prague, and Sydney. Another one of Lewin’s pieces, titled “Reflect,” was seen in Brooklyn’s Domino Park just last year. 

“The Pool” will be on display through March 28 in the courtyard at Industry City. Visitors can enter at 238 36th Street from 3 to 9 pm daily. The best part? It’s totally free.

*This is an article from Thrillist published on February 2, 2022; See the original article here.

Art at Industry City

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