Led by Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom, interior design studio Ishka Designs chose Industry City—a 35-acre campus that’s home to a community of more than 130 architects, designers and design retailers—for its headquarters. With collaboration at the heart of their practice, Ishka Designs’ heritage-informed and sustainability-driven approach blends minimalism with natural lines and artfulness in projects that span from New York to Jamaica, Paris and beyond. Here, Clarke and Bascom walk us through a typical day at the Brooklyn design hub. ishkadesigns.com

8 a.m. As we open our studio, we set up our current task list. But before we start the day, we go through our ritual of lighting a candle and tending to the plants.

9 a.m. For coffee or tea —with oat milk—we run to the cafe at coworking space Camp David (shown at right, middle). We plot business strategy in their midcentury-inspired work lounge.

11 a.m. We head to Ivory Build to discuss custom furniture fabrication. This millwork collective’s range of possibilities allows us to execute whatever we conceive.

Noon We take a quick jaunt two buildings over to RBW’s workroom to explore their latest lighting designs and material finishes. It’s exciting to see their production process firsthand.

City Foundry in Building 5

12:30 p.m. On the way back, we meet a client at vintage curator CityFoundry to have them try a 1960s chair, then we browse through their inventory refresh.

Porcelanosa in Building 5

2 p.m. The team meets at Porcelanosa to go over tile and plumbing selections for our projects. Our next stop is the WantedDesign store to replenish our candle supply.

4 p.m. We head to serene D-haene Studio to look at her latest ceramics. With its clean work area and minimalist display of objects, this space is a breath of fresh air.

Ashya in The Makers Guild

6 p.m. Before we head home, we stop at Ashya in the second-level retail area to pick up the perfect travel accessory for an upcoming work trip.

This is an excerpt from the original Luxe Magazine story published in August 2022.

Learn more about leasing space at IC here.

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