Entrepreneurs, small biz owners, artists, and freelancers gather round: Are you craving more space, more inspiring vibes or perhaps just a change of scenery for your daily operations? Whether this feeling has long been brewing, you’re outgrowing your current digs or something else is on the horizon, perhaps it’s time to consider a new abode for your 9-to-5 life.

Working from home—or in a dull fluorescent office—is getting stale. With more local businesses and creatives in Brooklyn now more than ever, the community is a central force for working and living in the borough.

Creative offices at Industry City range from 500 to 200,000 square feet, supporting businesses at any stage.

After all, is there anyone you can name who doesn’t have at least a side hustle or a podcast? That being said, that’s why it’s critical for many folks to work in a space that’s dynamic, motivating, and more importantly business-friendly (to your kind of biz).

So, just where exactly can you set up shop? Say hello to Industry City, a vibrant creative hub in Sunset Park for makers and creative entrepreneurs. If you self-describe as an innovator, artist, or just a doer, then there’s a workspace for you at Industry City.

Caroline Kaufman in her tufting studio located in Industry City’s Building 9.

Industry City isn’t a one-size-fits-all office building with bland fixtures and even blander overhead lighting. Instead, it’s a creative campus that fits small-scale operations, larger or something in-between with ease. Start-ups, full-fledged companies, artist studios, and industrial spaces, or jack-of-all-trades freelancers are welcome.

Just ask Industry City tenant Rafael Espinal, executive director of the Freelancers Union.

Freelancers Union Executive Director, Rafael Espinal cutting the inaugural ribbon at the Freelancers Hub at Industry City.

With tenants like Espinal and others like the Brooklyn Nets, Garage TV, and Moda Operandi, Industry City is where business owners naturally network. And, that’s the point, as the innovative hub charges full speed ahead with tenant-only events, mixers, and opportunities to gab and collab. That means someone down the hall might just design a hot new drop with you or become your next business partner.

“Knowing that I’m surrounded by dozens of small businesses and creatives keeps me motivated,” Espinal says.” The relaxed atmosphere often puts you one conversation away from your next opportunity. If you’re a filmmaker or musician you’ll likely speak to a producer, if you’re a creator you’ll meet someone in need of your work, and so on.”

MPB, a camera equipment reselling platform, has its North American HQ at IC with offices upstairs and a fulfillment center downstairs.

Productivity—and success—looks different for every company. That means pivots, exciting ideas, and new strategies at a moment’s notice. With flexible workspaces, offbeat retail (think food, drinks, shops, groceries), an inspiring Maker’s Guild, and tons of outdoor space, take it from Espinal, as this campus totally changed the game for their business.

“Nothing’s better than being able to walk into a space filled with like-minded individuals with common goals,” Espinal says. “Freelancers operate in silos and often need a space that helps make their work feel official. The Freelancers Hub in Industry City accomplishes that and it’s all free for them.”

After all, it’s the people and ideas that make this campus a genuine buzzy conductor of ideas, authenticity, and passion. Talk about getting the job done.

*This is an article from Brooklyn Magazine published on November 28th, 2022; See the original article here.

Learn more about leasing space at IC here.

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