With four brewers + distillers making their products on site, and seven more opening soon, you can try Brooklyn made liquors + brews and experience distillery tours led by the founders. Craft cocktails and craft beers, locally sourced and made.


268 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY

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Nearest entrance Building 6, Innovatoin Alley


Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur
Building 6

A distillery and tasting room offering the largest selection of NY State spirits in the world.

Brooklyn Kura
Building 6

A sake brewery committed to a new tradition of American Craft Sake.

Fort Hamilton Distillery
Building 6

Weaving the finest New York Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin into classic + modern cocktails.

Building 3

Cozy and eclectic Japanese inspired cocktail bar.

Standard Wormwood Distillery
Building 6

Distillery and cocktail bar with spirits and liqueurs all made onsite at Industry City.

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Upcoming Events

bodyART: Physical Therapy

5:30pm - 6:30pm RSVP HERE
The bodyART method is a physical therapy based approach to movement training or PTBT.

Trivia Night

7pm - 9pm Free
An hour of delicious Big Alice Beer and geeky trivia.

Spirited Away Psychic + Paranormal Night

6pm - 9pm Free
Gather with NYC’s premiere metaphysical authors and readers for a glorious night of craft cocktails, magical shopping, and paranormal fun.
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