bkOne opens its first exhibit at Industry City, bkOne ART showcase featuring work by Jasin Cadic, Allison Conway, Mike D, Danielle Fisher, Tony Nasa Gramegna, Alithea Howes, Chris Laudando, John LaMacchia, Aynsley Leonardis, Tommy Lombardozzi, Teeny Maldonado, Joseph Milazzo, Kieran X Quinn, and Kenny Wong.

5pm on May 20, kicks-off the launch party with performances and live music by Vinny Iannelli, Chris Flannigan, Zachary Thomas, Steven Fazzolari, Rob Martin, and Anthony Marino. Followed by a venue dedication to Tom Kane Theater. 

11am – 6pm May 21, BK One features a film retrospective and viewing with a meet and greet of featured artists.


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Innovation Alley – Building 5

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