brooklynONE presents D3C monthly theatre night.

A Brooklyn Arcanum: Strange Chalices of Vision includes a night of Halloween plays about hoaxes, ghosts, the alchemical properties of alcohol, and deals with the devil that “encourage women to practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, master the seven arts, and become lesbians.”

In “The Wheel of Fortune or This sublime Chemical Speculation” the last surviving sister from a world-famous spiritualist act, sits alone in her room drinking vodka and arguing about alchemy and the after-life with her dead sisters.

“The Devil or Into Strange Vagaries We Fall” is a modern re-telling of a 16th century Dutch miracle play in which a young woman enters into a deal with the Devil, not for riches, beauty, or health, but rather for knowledge of music, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, rhetoric, grammar, logic, and poetry

Innovation Alley – Building 5


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Innovation Alley – Building 5

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