Meet the Maker series is back at the IC Store by WantedDesign. Come by the store Saturdays and Sundays in December to meet designers, makers, and authors.

Design a long life full of love, purpose, well-being, and friendship, at any age, using the creative tools of award-winning product designer, author, and world’s #1 life coach Ayse Birsel.

This book is for everyone who is interested in defining their long life, using design thinking tools. It’s an interactive book with exercises that will help you think creatively by asking you to visualize your life. It is full of insights  learned from wise people who have lived the longest. It is organized into the four themes of Love, Purpose, Well-Being, and Friendship, and contains insights that will help you love better, find purpose, practice well-being, and make friends.

The IC Store by WantedDesign offers a curated assortment of well-designed items from gifts to accessories, toys, jewelry, housewares, and more. Featuring independent designers and brands from around the globe, with a section dedicated to designers and makers working at IC.


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