Meet the Maker series is back at the IC Store by WantedDesign. Come by the store Saturdays and Sundays in December to meet designers, makers, and authors.

A collection of daily moments. The Silver Table Book contains a selection of 100 pictures of ingredients taken during the first lockdown in the pandemic of 2020. This is not a cookbook, as there are no recipes. This is also not the body of work of a photographer, as Christiane doesn’t define herself as such. Instead, the book celebrates the beauty of this unclear in-between, like an ongoing investigation into the relationship between living and capturing life. The Silver Table Book is about the beauty of the food we eat every day. It is about seeing and celebrating beauty in the most ordinary.

The IC Store by WantedDesign offers a curated assortment of well-designed items from gifts to accessories, toys, jewelry, housewares, and more. Featuring independent designers and brands from around the globe, with a section dedicated to designers and makers working at IC.


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