Black on Black on Black “UNVEILING THE UNSEEN” group activation explores the invisible essence and uncharted realms of Black identity in America.

It signifies the need to peel back the layers of historical erasure, stereotypes, and structural inequalities that have concealed the rich tapestry of Black lives.

By acknowledging and dismantling these barriers, society can pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future where the invisibleness of Black and Brown people is fully seen, understood, and valued.

This activation promises to share narratives and works from three artists with different point of views, three different mediums that includes drawings, paintings, typography, works on paper which all leads back to “UNVEILING THE UNSEEN”.

Featured in Tanya Weddemire Studio in The Makers Guild.

The Makers Guild – Building 5, Suite B213


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The Makers Guild – Building 5, Suite B213

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