“The greatest American art form” presented by Court Tree Collective is a dedication to skateboarding and its contribution to global culture. This three-part exhibition includes the professional skateboarder/artist (Louis Sarowsky), the photographer (Clarence K.) documenting the modern skateboarder, and skateboarders and admirers (group exhibition) presenting their versions of the skateboard deck.

“Court Tree Collective is giving Brooklyn a much-needed vernacular study of skateboarding in New York City. Photographs of contemporary skaters complement their self-designed decks in a nearby installation, revealing how skaters perceive the board as an extension of the body. A collaboration between photographer Clarence K. and pro skater Louis Sarowsky, the three-part exhibition unpacks skating as a realm devoid of judgment and opposed to police violence from the start.”
– Hyperallergic


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The Makers Guild – Building 5, 2nd Floor

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