Level two of Japan Village will open its doors. The Loft, a collection of Japanese goods and services, including the highly-anticipated BOOKOFF will open Thursday. While, just next door, Daiso, will open to the public on Friday.

BookOff: The Loft by Japan Village, Level 2

BOOKOFF is Japan’s largest chain of used bookstores. Merchandise handled include manga, novels, CDs, DVDs, video games, figures, apparel, and accessories. BOOKOFF offers a wide range of anime-related products.

Daiso: Level 2

DAISO is a large Japanese franchise of shops founded in Japan, known internationally for their low prices and decent quality. Carrying a range of over 100,000 products, many of which are extremely affordable and popular. The shops consist of Japanese snacks, beverages, beauty supplies, kitchenware, stationery items, and much more.


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Japan Village – Building 4, level 2

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