Admit it. You’re deep in a reality TV hole because you’ve basically finished Netflix. Tune in Fridays, we are bringing you a captivating short film followed by a conversation with the creators via Facebook Live. It’s exciting to be able to turn this time of home confinement into an opportunity to explore film, beyond the usual tune in to tune out.
This week, an illuminating, cinema verite-style documentary about the larger-than-life performer, Luana Muniz, known as ‘Queen of Lapa’ will set your soul alight. Edgy, humorous, tender and relevant, this film follows one of Brazil’s most famous transgender personalities, providing a rare glimpse into a community that many think they know, but few actually do in the neighborhood of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
IC Film Club x Rooftop Films chats to the husband and wife directorial team, Carolina Monnerat and Theodore Collatos this Friday on our Facebook Live. In preparation for the chat you can view the movie through the link here.

We are giving away 20 tickets to the screening. Comment in this Instagram post below to win one of 20 tickets to view the film.

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