IPPIN PROJECT is pleased to announce to fans of Awabi Ware that the elegant dining ware has returned and is ready for the holiday season. These beautiful dishes created by artisan Junichi Okamoto have returned to the IPPIN PROJECT showcase with a new lineup.

Immerse yourself in the world of Awabi Ware, classic Western-designed dishes made with traditional Japanese techniques. Liven up your dining table with their selected gorgeous dinnerware this coming holiday.

Featured Artisan, Junichi Okamoto:

A popular Japanese artisan, who has recently held many exhibitions in Japan. After building his career at Musashino Art University, he established Awabi Ware in his hometown on Awaji Island. Learning from the production style of Minpei-yaki, a.k.a. Awaji ware, which flourished from the late Edo period to the Meiji period in Japan. Under the name of Awabi Ware, which means the beauty of Awaji Island, his one-of-a-kind products are produced based on the concept of long-lasting dishes to be handed down through generations.

Building 5 – Floor 2


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Building 5 – Floor 2

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