IPPINPROJECT, a design studio at Industry City, is having a special sample sale of Japanese Beauty Brushes between July 13 and July 16.

The history of Japanese brushes has more than 1300 years, especially the brushes made in Kumano town in Hiroshima are used by many enthusiasts and celebrities abroad. Among the featured brands is SHAQUDA, one of the well-known Kumano brush makers producing a collection of innovative brushes for makeup and skin care.

All brushes are created with craftsmanship and sophisticated design. Skilled artisans carefully crafted each brush using natural goat hair or other bristles, resulting in a delicate yet perfect texture. Additionally, they offer synthetic brushes with a luxurious feel.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to obtain authentic Japanese brushes from Kumano in Hiroshima, Japan.

All samples are 30% off exclusively for the event. Limited availability.

4th Floor – Building 2


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4th Floor – Building 2

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