Experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony with┬ámaster Souheki Mori.┬áLocated within The Loft, Japan Village‘s second floor, Setsugekka is a space to learn and enjoy the art of Japanese tea.

CHASHITSU offers Japanese Traditional Tea ceremonies as well as various different Japanese sweets to pair with the finest tea for an unforgettable cultural experience.

You will be able to enjoy a 45-minute session of a Japanese tea ceremony, a cup of ceremonial grade tea, and accompanying sweets.

If interested, please purchase a ticket within 48 hours due to limited availability

The Tea Master:

Yoshitsugu Nagano is the youngest person to be certified in the highest rank of the Ueda Soukata school of samurai tea ceremony, which has been practiced in Hiroshima for 400 years and serves as a regular professor of the school.

In 2019, he relocated to New York City, where he energetically promotes the spirituality and aesthetics of the Japanese tea ritual, rooted in Zen, through tea rituals and classes.

He has been working and establishing new styles as modern tea ceremony that incorporates new expressions into the traditional tea ritual to create new ways of engaging tea ritual.


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Japan Village – Building 4, level 2

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