Join bkONE and d3C after the Brooklyn Independent Comic Showcase for a night of comic book staged readings.

“The Last Days of The Brave & Bold” uses the backdrop of early McCarthyism as the setting for a debate about censorship, employing two notorious figures in the comic book world. It is set shortly before Dr. Frederic Wertham released his infamous book “Seduction of the Innocent” where he claimed comic books were eroding the moral compass of at-risk youths. William Moulton Marston, a co-creator of Wonder Woman, takes the opposing view on freedom of speech.

“A People’s History of Super Heroism” is a monologue from a Silver Age superhero looking back on her Golden Age roots and fearing for the Dark Age of the future. It’s about the ways we can be profoundly changed by alien intervention and cosmic forces and a childhood of sitting at grandma’s kitchen table. It’s about taking this hero business from the skies to the streets. It’s about the ways the real work gets done. It’s about justice and a solid pot.


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Fort Hamilton Distillery & Tasting Room

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