Craving Lebanese cuisine with its assortment of traditional Middle Eastern mezze and kebabs? Fortunately, one of New York City’s oldest specialty food stores is hosting an exclusive feast. Are you ready to join your fellow foodie adventurers on a mouth-watering Lebanese food & wine experience that your taste buds won’t stop talking about?

Join New York Adventure Club on Mother’s Day for an exclusive Middle Eastern feast at the Industry City location of Sahadi’s, a third-generation family-owned and operated specialty food store that’s been serving Middle Eastern cuisine in Brooklyn since 1948.

Led by Christine Sahadi Whelan, 3rd generation co-owner of Sahadi’s and author of Flavors of the Sun, and Chef Kamel Burris, our intimate group dining experience starts off with a variety of Lebanese wines and will continue with four delicious courses:

First Course: Appetizers
Assorted dip bowls with classic Lebanese dips such as hummus, baba ghanoush, lebany, and flatbread plates
A beautiful artisanal cheese & charcuterie board with a special word from Sahadi’s in-house cheesemonger

Second Course: Greens
Freshly-made salads such as Fattoush and Roasted Beet Salad
Third Course: Mains

Homemade falafel with an assortment of dipping sauces
Several varieties of piping-hot kebabs, varieties of which will include berbere shrimp, shawarma steak, shawarma chicken, lamb merguez, and grilled halloumi
Fourth Course: Desserts

A beautiful assortment of Middle Eastern pastries and fresh fruit

Your experience includes heaping portions of delicious Middle Eastern dishes, Lebanese wine, and the opportunity to take home whatever’s not finished.

*Food allergy note: this meal contains nuts, seeds, gluten, dairy, and meat. If you have an allergy, please call Sahadi’s Industry City ahead of time at (718) 788-7500.


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Sahadi’s – Courtyard 3/4