Join Barrow’s Intense for a FREE Morbid Anatomy lecture. Contestants are welcome to bring their creations for consideration.

You’re in for a treat. Jo Weldon—head of the New York School of Burlesque—is hosting a Jell-O salad-making contest along with an illustrated lecture on its fascinating history.

Gelatin dishes were once a hallmark of fine dining. Today they’re more likely to be considered unsophisticated but these colorful dishes have had more than one heyday and their nostalgic appeal is unparalleled. Author and burlesque legend Jo Weldon will reveal how technological advances made these dishes possible, how trends in advertising made them popular, and how the substance ended up everywhere from the Land of Oz to strip joints.

About the contest:

Both standard and vegan gelatin dishes are welcome.

Participants will bring their dishes and set them up for a taste test by special guest judges and audience before the lecture.

A judges choice and an audience’s choice will be announced.

Prizes will be gift bags, contents to be announced at

To participate, email

Barrow’s Intense – Building 6


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Barrow’s Intense – Building 6

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