“My work deals with the disruption of conventional etiquette, so naturally, I began to wonder how I could break elevator etiquette – the unspoken, prevailing rule has always been to remain silent and emotionless.

First, rather than this elevator being used as a typical, fleeting stepping stone within a larger journey. In this elevator, you have arrived.

Upon entering, you are basked in a single, blue light. After researching chromotherapy, blue has properties to facilitating trust, connection, and serenity between inevitable strangers who enter this space.

Mirrors cover the walls, ground, and ceiling – leaving it nearly impossible to disacknowledge those who enter the space with you. On the very back wall, a hologram loops, projecting questions I’ve crafted to bring strangers closer to one another.

Visitors are encouraged to engage in discussion based off one of the questions on loop.

Many of my conversations with hearing individuals are through writing or typing to accessibly communicate.

Stationary tools are provided to engage in this manner.

Following the conversation, the strangers can choose to anonymously archive their words – adding to a growing collection of interactions between strangers.

Come by Industry City and participate!” – @chellaman

📍The Makers Guild | Building 5, Floor 2


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The Makers Guild – Building 5, Floor 2

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