The IC Locals: Tools! exhibition surveys individuals and companies based in IC and highlights the essential device, machine, program, or system that each entity employs in their day-to-day practice. These tools offer behind-the-scenes insight into their unique production processes. Ten Industry City tenants, including Nazz Forge, Jane D’Haene, Roll & Hill, Turnbull and Son Studios, Ian Love Design, Ophelia + Indigo, Christophe Pourny, Sharon Radisch, Teressa Foglia, and Yellow Bow Florals, will display a tool or tools that are essential to their various practices in a series of display cases arranged by photographer, artist, and exhibitor Sharon Radisch.

Adjoining “illustrated interview” posters will include texts about each tenant, why they’ve chosen to operate in Industry City, and why their tool(s) are essential to their practice. Additional imagery will help illustrate the processes in which these tools are used and the finished products they are critical to producing. A QR code added to a main exhibition text poster will link to a recorded composition of four tools in action.

In a time in which society is having to navigate a new working landscape, the question of what tools we use has become even more critical. In the past two years, the world had to determine what tasks can be carried out from home and which require that we work from an office or studio. Certain apparatus let us conduct business remotely while others require our attention in a fixed location. While digital modeling, sketching, and planning can be performed from the comfort of home, age-old fabrication techniques in woodworking, large-scale image printing, and metal forging can only be conducted in dedicated workshops with specific equipment.

*Photograph: “still life” by Sharon Radisch


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Five Two A – 2nd Floor, Building 5

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