Equator Productions creative production studio will host a panel discussion on the use of design as a world-building tool in filmmaking. The conversation will touch on a range of design aspects including poster design, costume design, and set/production design. The conversation will be moderated by Equator partner and executive producer Ashley Cimone, and associate producer Ridah Farooqui who will be joined by the following panelists:

  • Shayla Cox – production designer and art director
  • Julian Alexander – designer and founder of Slang Inc.design firm
  • Pamela Shepard – Parsons professor and costume designer of variety show Ziwe
  • Justin Boone – costume designer and founder of David x Goliath clothing brand

This year ICDF is introducing The Talks @ ICDF, a platform for expert panelists to discuss the interaction of design and art, fashion, planning, disaster recovery, rebuilding, and more. The Talks will host experts from a diverse range of institutions and organizations like Cooper Hewitt, Central Saint Martin, NYC Jewelry Week, People in Places, and more.



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