Court Tree Collective is proud to present “Play Factory” by South Korean artist Yool Kim (김율). Yool Kim has participated in many of Court Tree’s exhibitions, and this is the first solo show for this up-and-coming Seoul-based contemporary artist.

“Play Factory” is comprised of eight acrylic paintings that confront the inner-self through themes of love, loyalty, and playfulness. Thick strokes of acrylic paint coat her canvases, demonstrating the artist’s desire to soothe her emotional state of personal acceptance and convey the diverse persepctives she encounters and is compelled to express. In her paintings, contemporary symbols are more than pop-culture references and serve as recognizable tools to assist in conveying her beliefs.

In a short period of time Yool has created a world for herself through social media and the large number of collectors that have become obsessed with her work.

“I draw myself. I want to express everything I feel in life, such as my thoughts that are not organized, my dreams, my relationships with people. I who want to be acknowledged and be recognized for my differences, my happiness, and what I love. Those thoughts are expressed in disorderly and chaotic body movements, and several faces overlap. Also, the length and number of arms and legs are different. The relationships with people, the way people look at me, the way I look at myself, the way I look at people, the way I want to be small, but confident, the same face, but the position of the dots, express another version of me. I draw a series of thoughts that are mixed in my head that have not matured, which has not grown unlike my body, as if dividing into categories.”

The Makers Guild – Building 5, 2nd Floor


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The Makers Guild – Building 5, 2nd Floor

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