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The Innovation Lab @ Industry City is officially open to the public on Monday, April 11th at 9am.

The Innovation Lab is partnering with Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, Opportunities for A Better Tomorrow, Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, and City Tech/CUNY to offer a broad range of services for local community residents, neighborhood businesses, and the waterfront business community. The Innovation Lab will offer job placement and training, business assistance, entrepreneurship workshops, and a spectrum of educational classes.

The Innovation Lab will host biweekly orientations for individuals looking for information on job opportunities on the Sunset Park waterfront. For more information on the orientation session, please call (718) 801­-8970  or email us.

We are currently recruiting for our internship programs at Industry City, if you are interested please click here.

In addition to our founding partners, The Innovation Lab will also be collaborating with Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, Turning Point Brooklyn, Consortium for Worker Education, Mixteca, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Red Hook Initiative, New York City Economic Development Corporation and New York City Department of Small Business Services.

The Innovation Lab will be open Monday- Friday 9am -5pm, for more information please call (718) 801-8970 or send us an email.

The Innovation Lab is made possible with financial support from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Assembly Assistant Speaker Felix Ortiz, and Council Member Carlos Menchaca.

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Industry City 的創新實驗室 (Innovation Lab) 4 11 週一上午 9 點正式向公眾開放。

創新實驗室與西南布魯克林工業發展公司 (Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation)、明天更美好工作培訓公司 (Opportunities for A Better Tomorrow)、布魯克林勞動力創新 (Brooklyn Workforce Innovations) 及紐約市立大學/紐約市技術學院 (City Tech/CUNY) 合作,為當地社區居民、社區企業及濱海商界提供各種廣泛的服務。創新實驗室將提供就業安置與培訓、業務支援、創業研討會以及一系列教育課程。

創新實驗室將針對在日落公園 (Sunset Park) 濱海地區尋找就業機會資訊的人員舉辦兩週一次的介紹會。欲瞭解更多關於介紹會的資訊,請致電 (718) 801-8970 或發送電郵至 InnovationLab@industrycity.com。

除了我們的創始合作夥伴,創新實驗室還將與日落公園家庭生活中心 (Center for Family Life in Sunset Park)、Turning Point Brooklyn、勞動者教育聯盟 (Consortium for Worker Education)、Mixteca、布魯克林商會 (Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce)、紅鉤倡議 (Red Hook Initiative)、紐約市經濟發展公司 (New York City Economic Development Corporation) 及紐約市小企業服務部 (New York City Department of Small Business Services) 攜手合作。

創新實驗室將於週一至週五上午 9 點-下午 5 點開放,欲瞭解更多資訊,請致電 (718) 801‑8970 或發送電郵至 InnovationLab@industrycity.com。

創新實驗室的成立得到布魯克林區區長 Eric Adams、眾議院助理議長 Felix Ortiz 及議會成員 Carlos Menchaca 的撥款資助。