The Brooklyn Rail presents the seventh installment of its ongoing exhibition series, Singing in Unison, at Industry City. Once a postage facility, the gallery space is 16,000 square feet and has been remodeled specifically for this show. This rendition of Singing in Unison expands upon the themes presented in previous installments, and importantly, the unique quality each artist brings to their work is a cause for celebration. It is that uniqueness that enables us to rejoice in what Konrad Wachsmann referred to, in describing the Great Exhibition of 1851, as “the art of joining.” By showcasing the works of artists young and old, taught and self-taught, and hailing from every corner of the world side-by-side, we also participate in the form of creation by fostering a community bound by a mutual appreciation for art in all its many forms.


900 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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Between 34th Street + 3rd Ave


Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm