Join NYC Jewelry Week co-founders Bella Neyman and JB Jones as they moderate a conversation between Brooklyn-based jewelers Mia Hebib of Oblik Atelier and Kristin and Kofi Essel of Third Crown. What does modern jewelry look like? And is it possible to separate our surroundings – the hard to ignore architectural details and monumental sculptures- from appearing in the strong shapes of these jewelers’ work. Who is their ideal customer and do powerful lines and bold accents define a certain attitude? Plus the trials, tribulations and successes of running a jewelry business in New York City. 

This year ICDF is introducing The Talks @ ICDF, a platform for expert panelists to discuss the interaction of design and art, fashion, planning, disaster recovery, rebuilding, and more. The Talks will host experts from a diverse range of institutions and organizations like Cooper Hewitt, Central Saint Martin, NYC Jewelry Week, People in Places, and more.


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Five Two A – 2nd Flor, Building 5

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